Mochammad Wahyu Ghani

BRIN Researcher and Population Research Center
─ Angkatan 2010

“As a child from outside Java, being accepted at UNPAD is a matter of pride. I must admit that the Information Science and Library Study Program was not my first choice then. However, my view of this study program changed rapidly to become more interested in less than one semester. Interesting subjects such as knowledge management, information architecture, and others have made me love this major. The Information Science and Library Study Program has also taught me about the importance of literacy that can be applied and developed in the demographic research where I work. Apart from that, the guidance of the lecturer, who pays close attention to citation sources and references, has made me a person who is quite capable of producing several scientific writings. The organizational life in this study program also left a deep impression on my life as a student. Being a member of Himaka and being chairman of Himaka has trained me to be more responsive to science-related issues and soft skills in communicating with many parties.”

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