The curriculum structure of Library and Information Science Study Programme consists of three categories of courses, namely:

  1. university subjects,
  2. core competency subjects, and
  3. supporting competency courses.

University subjects are a combination of compulsory subjects mandated by higher education regulations in Indonesia and university preparation subjects given to students in all study programs at Universitas Padjadjaran. The core subjects consist of three groups, namely:

  1. Communication science courses,
  2. Library and Information Science subjects, consists of
  3. digital asset management studies, information institutions management and designing digital businesses which are currently needed by all.

Supporting competency subjects consist of subjects related to social knowledge and technology (information technology, culture, and marketing) as well as elective courses. All groups of subjects taught are aimed at the learning outcomes of graduates. The teaching is conducted in face-to-face activities, structured assignments, practicums, seminars, or independent activities.