Student’s Profile

Reza Ardhian, The Loving Volunteers

“If we do something with love, all the activities will meaningful” said Reza Ardhian or is called as Reza. He is a fifth semesters student of The Library and Information Science Study Program, Faculty of Communication Science, Universitas Padjadjaran. He is one of candidates of the most outstanding student or Wapres who with his program, helps blind children and any children in Pustakalana Library.

At first, Reza and his friends built Niskala Literasi Community to help persons with disabilities to information access by giving audiobooks to focus on and help children with visual impairments through Makna dalam Suara. He realized that audiobooks for children with visual impairments are very much needed. For that, Reza and his friends at Niskala Literasi invited volunteers to record sounds from several book chapters. Then, the recording is edited by volunteers in the Voiceover section. The audio books helped children with visual impairments to learn about the world at large. This was what made Reza tirelessly supported Makna dalam Suara Volunteers in completing recording after recording to become an audio book.

Reza also became a volunteer librarian at Pustakalana: Children’s Library and Open Space Room. Reza helped with book processing and read stories and storytelling at activities held by Pustakalana at Arion Suites Hotel Bandung. For Reza, reading stories and telling stories is an honor because they can share knowledge with children.

“I really want storytelling as an activity that can make us learn to be confident in front of an audience. In front of an adult audience, they usually directly comment on us. But, talking to the children, we really have to catch their attention. We have to make them to pay attention, and make the atmosphere more fluid, more entertaining. I like storytelling”, said Reza (Interview, 06/11/2022).

When Reza read aloud and doing storytelling, he is like diving into the world of children. Books and stories can make children to have good personalities and characters. Story characters and colorful pictures are a lure for children to keep reading. Reza also likes children’s stories. For him, children’s stories have messages that are not patronizing.

Reza gains practical skills as a librarian based on his experience as a volunteer at Niskala Literasi and Pustakalana. He combines the experiences of interacting, the read-aloud, and storytelling activity with children, especially children with visual impairments. The experience is priceless. Likewise, experience as a volunteer for Reza is a saving for the future. When Reza becomes a librarian, he will try to focus on helping children with disabilities through literacy. “[..] Literacy in children is very important”, concluded Reza (ENR).

Maulida Rachma Herliani, Foster Sister Who Always Share

Humans is a learning creature. Humans will be motivated by something that touches their feelings and inspires them to continue to seek knowledge and more knowledge. This is what describes Maulida Rachma Herliani, who was motivated to continue to help others.

Maulida said that during high school, she made observations on sociology subjects to Yayasan Yatim Piatu Rumah Harapan. The children at the orphanage were very enthusiastic about their help while at the orphanage. She was happy that her help was very useful to other people. From here, Maulida was motivated to actively help others in various activities and at the same time develop her own knowledge.

She is fifth-semester student in the Library and Information Science Study Program. She is the Candidate I for the most outstanding student or Wapres at the study program. Maulida is also one of the finalists for the Reading Ambassadors of Bogor Regency in 2021 and  actively engaged in activities in the Reading Ambassadors Bogor Regency Foundation. through the Research & Development (R & D) division. She helped develop the library and community reading or TBM the Bogor Regency. Maulida in this program can contribute her thoughts and energy to the library and information science, such as consulting activities, user analysis, and storytelling for children in the library and TBM.

Maulida’s and childrens were already established when she was a new student in 2019. Maulida joined the Jatinangor 21 Group (KJ 21) which helped morally and materially for foster children in Jatinangor in the form of visits to schools and offered academic assistance.

“KJ 21 is also very open to the consults for learning. If they have difficulty in math, they talk with us to help with their assignments. Usually, KJ 21 makes visits, academic activities, makes donations too,” said Maulida (06/13/2022).

Sharing with foster children is a way of being grateful of Allah’s gifts. Maulida shares her time and energy voluntarily with the foster children. She was happy that her help which was beneficial for the foster children. The smiling and happy faces of the children made her excited to continue helping others.

The experience of sharing with others made Maulida rich in all ways. “I feel like…, I don’t know. When we are stuck or not satisfied with one thing, we will always develop and find new things,” he said. Sharing is not only giving but also receiving. She also established herself to “always learn” (ENR).