Saffana, Asyifa, and Kamil won the XXVII National Championship – 2023 Intercollegiate Perisai Diri.

Library and Information Science Study Program students won the XXVII National Championship – 2023 Intercollegiate Perisai Diri. This event was organized by the International Women University (IWU) Perisai Diri Student Activity Unit on 2-6 August 2023 at Gor Pajajaran, Bandung. Saffana Rashifa, Asyifa Putri Triandari, and Muhammad Fadhiil Insan Kamil won in several categories. Saffana entered the top 5 in the Empty-handed Pairs category and won 1st place in the Solospel Category. Asyifa won 1st place in the Combination Technique Team and Compulsory Weapons Team Categories. As well as Kamil won 1st place in the Men’s Free Class Competition Category. 13 people represented Unpad Perisai Diri Unit and became the Grand Champion in this championship with five gold medals.

They conveyed the preparations to face this championship, such as the importance of physical and mental readiness, maintaining diet and lifestyle, and commitment to participate in the championship. Kamil added that strong intentions and determination are also needed during the preparation period because the heavy portion of practice takes up quite a lot of time and energy, requiring participants to keep practicing even during holidays.

However, their efforts paid off with their success in winning the championship. Kamil said that he was delighted and proud, “I am delighted. Being in the UNPAD team is already proud, especially when I won 1st place. I am much more proud and happy. I think the results we have now have paid off with the efforts and prayers that we have done.” Likewise, Asyifa felt happy and touched, “When it was announced that my team got the highest points compared to other teams, I was thrilled and also surprised and touched.” Saffana added that she was happy not only because she won the championship but also because she got new experiences during the match. Kamil, Saffana, and Asyifa also conveyed their message to friends who want to take part in this championship to be consistent and not be afraid to get out of their comfort zone because when they try and go to the arena, it will be a matter of pride for us later.

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