2023 Prodi Level Mawapres (Outstanding Students) Registration Socialization Class of 2020

Himaka Research and Academic Study Program with Library and Information Science Study Program Lecturers held the event titled “2023 Study Program Level Mawapres Registration Socialization” in Building 2, 3rd Floor, Fikom Unpad (17/03/2023). The event starts at 13.00 and ends at 15.00 WIB. This activity was attended by the Himaka Trustees, Mrs. Fitri Perdana, S.Sos., M.I.Kom. and Mrs. Evi Nursanti Rukmana, M.I.Kom. Also present were students from the Library and Information Science study program class of 2020.

The 2023 Mawapres is specifically for students from the 2020 class with a GPA minimum requirement above 3.5, and 84 people have been selected. The provision for the minimum GPA limit is an aspect of the selection assessment for the early stages of the 2023 Mawapres election. The next step of the selection is stratified to the study program level, namely selecting interviews with several lecturers and writing one-page essays with a predetermined theme using English and Indonesian. Next, 3-5 people will be selected to serve as study program representatives during faculty selection and continue up to the university and national level.

After the presentation of the material opened, a question-and-answer session, one of the students asked whether it was okay if they did not have journal publications and so on. The answer is no problem because journal publication is required for additional points. So it only matters if you have a journal publication.

By holding this event, it is hoped that students of the Library and Information Science study program class of 2020 will be motivated to participate and know the selection flow for registration of outstanding students at the Library and Information Science study program level 2023. Student Achievement is a place for students to channel their ideas and ideas as a form of appreciation and encouragement of a thriving culture. (Ivy Maura Alifia Pramudyo)

General requirement

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.5 (selection has been carried out, and 84 people have been selected)
  2. Active students of 2020 (This year, the focus is on the class of 2020)
  3. Have Academic and Non-Academic Achievements.
  4. Active in Student Organizations
  5. Have foreign language skills, at least English

Fill out the G-form registration


File Requirements

  1. Using ATS Friendly CV (PDF): The ATS Curriculum Vitae is a suitable resume format and can be sorted by Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software or application.
  2. Have an English or foreign language certificate (PDF): You can use TOEFL, iBT, ITP, Prediction, IELTS, Duolingo Test, ELT, Unpad, EF SET Certificate, and the latest English Certificate issued by a trusted tutoring place without a minimum score.
  3. Student Organization Active Certificate or Student Organization Certificate (PDF): Faculty BEM, Hima, UKM such as Kj21, BKI, and others
  4. Academic Achievement or Non-Academic Achievement (Proof of certificate in PDF format)

This activity is also an actualization of the Tridharma, which is carried out in line with the strategic planning of the university and faculties and bar with the applicable curriculum in the science information and study program libraries.

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