Yasyfi and Asyifa, Study Program’s Most Outstanding Student, will become Representatives for the Faculty Level Most Outstanding Student 2023

Library and Information Science Study Program students Yasyfi Shofiyyah and Asyifa Putri Triandari (Class of 2021) were finalists for the Outstanding Students at Faculty of Communication Science 2023. Yasyfi and Asyifa participated in competitions starting from the Registration, Administration Selection, and Interview stages at study program level on March 29-20, 2023. Yasyfi and Asyifa entered as the top 1 and 2 in this election, finally passed to the presentation stage among other best students at the faculty level.

Yasyfi and Asyifa explained their reasons for participating in the Outstanding Student Selection 2023. The desire to gain experience in academic field, expand relationships and new perspectives are the reasons why they participate in the event. Yasyfi said that support from the closest people and desire to make her parents proud also encouraged Yasyfi to participate in the event. Meanwhile, Asyifa said another reason for participating was to try new things that he has never done before and build relationships.

The requirements that must be fulfill to participate in this event, you have to prepare administrative selection stage are 1) Proof of active organization; 2) CV; 3) Essay; 4) Pas photo; 5) Proof of non-academic achievement; 6) Proof of academic achievement; 6) Proof of scientific publication; and 7) English Language Certificate.

They shared their experiences too, when participating in this event. Asyifa said that she felt tense but also relieved after successfully passing the presentation and interview session using English despite stammering. Likewise, Yasyfi, excited to participate in the selection, she can channel and implement practical ideas that exist around her through the preparation of essays and papers. In this event, Yasyfi and Asyifa showcased their paper entitled “The Role of Libraries in Welfare of Society in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. More or less, the topic raised was about the activities carried out by the library to improve the skills and sharpen the thinking ability of the community”.

According to Yasyfi and Asyifa, the opportunity to participate in this mawapres event is really something they are grateful for because a lot of insight is gained after going through the entire series of selections. Although they have not made it to the university level, their journey in the faculty level Outstanding Students event is a matter of pride because they have ventured, tried and struggled to represent the Library and Information Science Study Program study program.

 They also conveyed messages to Library and Information Science study program students to have the courage to try, prepare all the requirements, and always have a curiosity for all things unknown. “Don’t be afraid to try. Don’t be afraid if you lose. Because the important thing is experience. Just having the courage to come forward is really good. Because not everyone wants to try that,” Asyifa said. “Stay curious. Stay curious about what you’ve never done before. This is also a reminder for me to be able to continuously dismantle laziness and insecurity in doing something. Don’t let regret come. It’s okay to be tired, maybe we just need a “break”, not a stop. Oh yes, stick to your choice, maybe sometimes we question our choices while living it, but there must be a reason why we deserve to be in our choice,” Yasyfi added. 

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