2023 Prodi Level Mawapres (Outstanding Students) Registration Socialization Class of 2021

Lecturers of the Library and Information Science Study Program with the Himaka Research and Academic Department held an online “2023 Study Program Level Mawapres Registration Socialization” via Zoom Meeting from 16.00 – 17.00 WIB (28/03/2023). This event was attended by Himaka’s supervisor, Mrs. Fitri Perdana, S.Sos., M.I.Kom. and Mrs. Evi Nursanti Rukmana, M.I.Kom and also attended by 100 students of the Library and Information Science Study Program class of 2021 who had been selected by determining the GPA requirements above 3.5.

The 3.5 GPA requirement is an assessment aspect for the initial selection stage for the 2023 Mawapres election. The next stage is file selection. Several files are needed, such as CVs, foreign language certificates, academic or non-academic achievement certificates, scientific publications, and essays containing ideas and innovation with a choice of themes and using English and Indonesian. The next stage must pass interviews in Indonesian and English with several Library and Information Science Study Program Lecturers. Then three to five students will be selected to serve as study program representatives to advance to the faculty Mawapres selection, continue to the university level, and then national selection.

After the presentation of the material by the Himaka coach, a question and answer session opened. Some questions asked were: What benefits will you get if you participate in this Mawapres? Many benefits will be obtained, such as new relationships and new experiences.

Can We include bootcamp certificates and community service in academic or non-academic achievements? Yes, it can. Just attach it first because the assessment team will later assess whether the certificate can support the point or not.

For academic or academic achievement, is there a minimum level? There is no minimum level for academic or non-academic achievements because the assessment team will assess them.

Is it okay if we don’t have journal publications and so on? It is okay because journal publication is only part of the criteria required for additional points. So it is fine if you do not have a journal publication.

By carrying out these socialization activities, it is hoped that students of the Library and Information Science Study Program class of 2021 will know about the Mawapres program and the flow of registration selection. It is also hoped that students will be motivated to participate in Mawapres 2023 activities.

This activity is also an actualization of the Tridharma, which is carried out in line with the strategic planning of the university, faculties and in line with the applicable curriculum in the library and information science study programs. (Rafa Aqilah, Department of Studies and Academics, Himaka Proaksi Cabinet Fikom Unpad 2023).

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