Smart Level Up: Mendeley Workshop as Introduction to Tools to Write Scientific Works

Himaka Department of Studies and Academics, Fikom, Unpad held Smart Level Up: Mendeley Workshop on Wednesday (20/09/2023) at Moestopo Hall, Fikom, Unpad. At this event, Ms. Nuning Kurniasih, S.Sos., M.Hum., Professor of Library and Information Science, Fikom Unpad, gave the material related to the Mendeley and how to operate them. The event was attended by the Head of the Library and Information Science Studi Program, the Speaker, Himaka Members, and 72 students of the Library and Information Science in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

In this workshop, Ms. Nuning explained the material related to citation, the software required for Mendeley’s operation, how to download Mendeley’s application and install it. She also shared how to operate Mendeley, up to tips and tricks in operating Mendeley. The organizing committee stated that this activity was considered relevant and targeted based on pre-test results which showed that 40% or as many as 29 people were still manually creating ciattion and bibliography.

Smart Level Up itself is a work program from Himaka Fikom Unpad’s Department of Study and Academic which conducts workshops and material exposure with the aim of improving the academic field of library science. It is hoped that through Mendeley’s Smart Level Up: Workshop, students will be able to implement Mendeley’s use in their scientific work.

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