Batik Making Workshop – HLC Himaka – The Part of Cultural Documentation Learning

Himaka Fikom Unpad, through the Himaka Library Care (HLC) work program, held a workshop with the theme “Making Batik with the Umimay Batik Studio” on Saturday (26/08/2023) at Plaza Fikom Unpad. This activity was a forum to increase insight into Kasumedangan batik, especially Mahkoa Binokasih. Participants could also learn about the batik process by drawing patterns, coloring, color-locking, and lorod (removing night candles).

In this activity, participants will receive material from Andri Permana, the manager of the Umimay Batik Studio. On this occasion, he delivered material related to “Knowing Kasumedangan Better.” Andri stated that there is a need for socialization about batik because batik is not just a product but also an intangible cultural heritage that is the nation’s identity. He added that knowing batik well means knowing one’s own identity. In addition to receiving material, participants were divided into several groups, which will then have the opportunity to make batik—starting from making batik sketches in groups, editing, coloring, and drying.

Through this event, hopefully, the participants will become more familiar with batik, understand the process of making it, and then provide awareness that it is a cultural product and part of national identity. Nirma, one of the HLC committee members, expressed her hope that participants would get to know batik better, “Through this event, participants expect to be able to know that batik is not only an intangible cultural heritage but is a cultural heritage that has a philosophy in every motif.”

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