Visiting Lecturer: Research Data Management (RDM) and Digital Literacy

Library and Information Science Study Program, Fikom, Unpad, held a visiting lecture on Research Data Management (RDM) and Digital Literacy on Friday (29/09/23). This event was held in a hybrid manner. The event took place in the Oemi Abdurrachman Meeting Room, Fikom, Unpad, and in the Zoom room and was broadcast live via the Library and Information Science Study Program’s YouTube channel. This public lecture presented Mrs. Shamila Mohamed Shuhidan, Ph.D as the speaker. He is an Associate Professor at School of Information Science, College of Computing, Informatics and Mathematics, University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. Then, the event was hosted by Mr. Andri Yanto, S.Sos., M.I.Kom, the Library and Information Science Study Program’s Lecturer.

In her presentation, Mrs. Shamila explained that RDM is a procedure intended to collect high-quality data that adheres to scientific, legal, and ethical limits. RDM’s functions are to ensure research data is stored and preserved properly for long-term access and reuse. RDM is the practice of processing data through its life cycle, from creation to preservation and dissemination. He added the important role of libraries and librarians in supporting RDM and providing effective RDM services.

To support RDM, data literacy is important for librarians in supporting RDM because it allows librarians to provide guidance in data management planning, identify appropriate data storage and sharing solutions, and assist with data curation and preservation. Librarians must have a strong understanding of data management principles and techniques and the ability to work with researchers to ensure that their data is properly managed, preserved, and shared. Besides that, current technological developments also require librarians to improve literacy in the digital era. Mrs. Shamila stated that it is necessary to master research, critical thinking, communication, computer technology, hardware, and software skills.

Quoting from research by Kennan (2016), Mrs. Shamila explained the knowledge and skills required for people who work in data librarianship and management roles, namely 1) Interpersonal skills & behavioral (personal) characteristics, 2) Contextual knowledge, 3) Data specific knowledge and skills, 5) Knowledge of appropriate information technologies, 6) Training and Advocacy, and 7) Teamwork. At the end of his presentation, he stated that RDM is very important to support teaching and learning in the digital era.

The public lecture closed after a question and answer session with a photo session with participants and resource persons. This event was attended by more than 60 people offline, consisting of lecturers and students from the Library and Information Science Study Program, and around 156 people online via Zoom and YouTube. From this public lecture, hopefully, students can better understand the importance of the abilities and skills that a librarian and prospective Library and Information Science Study Program graduates need to have and also understand the role of research data management and digital literacy in the teaching-learning and research process.

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