Inauguration of Himaka’s New Cabinet “PROAKSI”

Himaka inaugurated Its new cabinet named “PROAKSI,” an acronym for the words Projection, Action, and Collaboration, hoping that this cabinet can project the action clearly and impactful. Collaboration is also expected to be key to cooperation success and maintaining harmony between internal and external parties.

The launch of the Himaka Cabinet, held on March 21, 2023, was attended by Himaka supervisors, BEM Fikom representatives, and representatives of student associations of other study programs and student activity units (UKM) under the auspices of the Faculty of Communication Sciences.

Inauguration of the 2023 Himaka Proaksi Cabinet
Representatives of BEM Fikom, Association of other Study Programs, and UKM Fikom Unpad

With the official announcement of the “PROAKSI” cabinet, it is hoped that Himaka will be able to carry out fundamental and practical actions and projects to widen their knowledge and become a forum for aspirations for Library and Information Science Study Program students.

Himaka is a semi-professional institution that aims to protect opinions and creativity of students as well as for scientific development for students, channeling all opinions and activities in their science. Himaka is in the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran, Jatinangor. (Bureau of Human Resources Management, Himaka Proaksi Cabinet Fikom Unpad 2023).

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