Library and Information Science Coaching Clinic (LISNIC): LIBLICIOUS 2023

Study and Academic Department of Himaka held the online Library and Information Science Coaching Clinic (LISNIC): LIBLICIOUS 2023 activity at 10.00-11.45 AM (20/042023). The Head of the Library and Information Science Study Program attended the activity, Dr. Ute Lies Khadijah, S.Sos., M.Si., and Himaka supervisor, Evi Nursanti Rukmana, M.I.Kom. This activity was also attended by Liblicious 2023 participants. This event was a sharing session agenda that discussed the Liblicious 2023 competition with Dr. Ute Lies Khadijah, S.Sos., M.Si., and Silkvi Kheir Rahma S.S.I, who won 1st place in the Liblicious 2021 competition.

In the first presentation by Dr. Ute Lies Khadijah, S.Sos., M.Si., discussed the importance of literacy before carrying out media literacy because there are perspectives that need to be considered in everyday life to improve a better quality of life by conveying information ethically and politely. So, Liblicious is digital literacy that requires analysis or finding out a problem that doesn’t need to be based only on community activities but can adjust the theme and relate to the social conditions around it. In addition, when determining the theme, Liblicious can determine it flexibly after making observations or according to existing social conditions. So that after conducting an analysis that follows social conditions, it can use information media that is proven to be true.

As for the second session, Silkvi Kheir Rahma S.S.I was motivated to take advantage of the opportunities to implement what had been done to the world. She also gave tips for this year’s participants, such as determining a timeline for working with the team. Assign tasks to each member fairly. Ask for opinions regarding the selected material from the lecturer to find the right solution and the need for consistency during the work process to maximize results.

By carrying out the Library and Information Science Coaching Clinic (LISNIC): LIBLICIOUS 2023 activity, hopefully, the participants in the Liblicious 2023 competition will know the importance of conducting analysis and observation while participating in the competition, and it is hoped that the Liblicious participants will be motivated to become champions in the competition to generate enthusiasm among members to achieve the target which is desired. (Ivy Maura Alifia Pramudyo, Studies and Academics Department, Himaka Cabinet Proaksi Fikom Unpad 2023)

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