Without a thesis, Tita Nursari graduates through the scientific article scheme.

Tita Nursari became the first student at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran, who graduate with a scientific article scheme as a substitute for a thesis at the Library and Information Science Study Program, Fikom Unpad. She was declared to have graduated with a GPA of 3.88 on Thursday (06/04/2023). Her scientific article entitled “Kemitraan Taman Bacaan Masyarakat dengan Lembaga Kemasyarakatan dalam Diseminasi Informasi Kesehatan” or “Partnership of Taman Bacaan Masyarakat with Social Institution in Health Information Dissemination” was accepted at the Berkala Ilmu Perpustakaan (BIP) UGM based on the LoA from BIP for publication in the June 2023 issue, Vol 19 No. 01 under the guidance of Dr. Elnovani Lusiana., S.Sos., M.Si. and Andri Yanto., S.Sos., M.I.Kom.

This scientific article scheme allows students to graduate without using a thesis. Library and Information Science Study Program opens opportunities for students to enrich studies and disseminate research results through writing scientific articles. Dr. Ute Lies Siti Khadijah, S.Sos., M.Si, as the Chair of the Library and Information Science Study Program Fikom Unpad was conveyed, “Our study program opens opportunities for students to produce research output to enrich the study program’s knowledge. It refers to Unpad Rector Regulation No. 46 of 2016 concerning the Implementation of Education at Universitas Padjadjaran, which states that: Thesis can be replaced with scientific articles in reputable international journals or accredited national journals by students as main authors together with their supervisors as co-authors by mentioning the Unpad institution.”

Writing the article begins with determining and discussing the researched topic with Supervisor. After getting the Supervisor’s approval, she prepared research instruments and collected data from the field. After receiving directions from the Supervisor, she began to write articles according to the selected journal template. Then send the research results and wait for revision and suggestions from the editor and reviewers.

Tita was hesitant to write a scientific article, but with the guidance and support of her Supervisor, the research results could be sent to the UGM’s BIP Journal on November 28, 2022. After the author completed various suggestions and revisions from the editor and reviewers, the article was accepted on February 23, 2023, and can be published for the June 2023 edition. The revisions are not done alone. Every suggestion and input from the editor, Tita discusses with her Supervisor. Her research experience and results presented in scientific articles were a challenge for Tita because she had to prepare herself to rearrange her thesis as a graduation requirement if the article was rejected. She gets support from people around her and never gives up on revising became a fruitful struggle.

Tita’s most challenging obstacle was fighting herself. “There are times, even though we have prepared ourselves, there will be times when we are tired, and there will be ups and downs. However, we must ask ourselves, ‘Why are we doing this?’ ‘What’s the reason we started something?’ ‘For whom have we fought so far?’ because these answers can re-ignite enthusiasm and make us finish what we have started, “said Tita.

Tita advised that when writing a thesis, we must be enthusiastic and not feel alone. “Go, guys! Maybe we found a term that ‘Grown up, and it’s about to be alone,’ but please don’t feel alone, consciously or not our family, friends, and lecturers are there for us. What remains is that are we aware that they were there and are ready to help us? Don’t hesitate to share and ask questions. I’m sure they are ready to help and are always there for us,” continued Tita.

Struggling to compile the final project is not easy. We must keep fighting against every obstacle, dare to ask questions and continue to pray to Allah SWT. We will reap the results that end sweetly. For that, do not be discouraged from pursuing your dreams.

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