Library & Information Science (LIS) Study Program, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Padjadjaran University with Bandung Regency Taman Bacaan Masyarakat (TBM) Forum is holding a meeting of literacy activists entitled “Pasamoan Pegiat Literasi 2022” at Banjaran. LIS Study Program Lecturer Andri Yanto, S.Sos., M.I.Kom, said Fikom Unpad fully supports community literacy activities because it proves that empowered communities are information literate people. He said, “The theme for all literacy activities in 2022 is Collaboration for Evocation Literacy. We were here from the Library & Information Science Study Program Fikom Unpad came to collaborate with literacy activists on building a sustainable literacy ecosystem. To create literacy programs for the welfare of society, and the ultimate goal is how to make a capable and empowered society and become a lifelong learning society, hoped that this event could continue, thanks to the literacy activists, especially in Bandung Regency.”

In addition to the friendly event between TBM members, this event had also filled with a talk show, free book distribution, and workshops from many literacy activists. Project Officer of the Pasamoan Pegiat Literasi 2022, Ida Susanti, said that the event has attended by almost all TBM representatives in Bandung Regency. Ida also thanked Unpad in the hope that the event could continue so they could share and discuss the movement of TBM members about how to move and synergize with Unpad.

2022 Literacy Activist Pasamoan Activities

Meanwhile, the advisor of the Bandung Regency TBM Forum, Bambang Purwanto, S.Kom., Gr., said that the community hopes that Unpad could continue supporting community literacy activities that have been volunteer-based so far. Because according to Bambang, Unpad has the potential to make TBM keep it alive. The Pasamoan Pegiat Literasi 2022 had also attended by some lecturers and students of the Library & Information Science Study Program, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Padjadjaran University.

This activity is a Tridharma activity carried out in line with the strategic planning of the university, faculty and in line with the applicable curriculum in the library and information science study program.

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