Rifat and Ammar, 1st Winner in the National Journalism Competition

The Karet Lama Team, students of the Library and Information Science Study Program, Fikom, Unpad, won 1st place in the Artriwara Competition at the Comminfest Competition at Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta. The final of this competition takes place from 17-20 May 2023. This team consists of two people, Rifat Syafaat and Ammar Rezqianto. They did journalistic writing in the form of infographics and featured news in this competition. Artriwara Competition, Comminfest Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta itself, has been going on since April and ends in May 2023. Apart from making infographics and featured news, the finalists also participated in the final presentation stage, which competed with 4 other best teams from leading universities in Indonesia.

Rifat Syafaat, a member of the Karet Lama Team, said that participating in the Comminfest was a facility to improve self-capacity and hone the skills obtained from courses. Apart from that, Rifat also revealed that another motivation for participating in this competition was earning income through achievement. “Want to find income through achievements, hehe,” said Rifat. He challenged himself to participate and did not want to regret if he missed the opportunity to compete. Rifat also felt nervous and was very impressed because this was his first time participating in a journalism competition. After going through a series of stages that were not easy, especially when they faced judges who had high standards during the presentation step, Rifat and his colleagues were very happy to win the Artiwara competition.

Rifat and his colleagues also conveyed a message for Library and Information Science Study Program students to be brave and motivated to participate in competitions or activities outside the campus. “Hopefully, my friends are always motivated to be able to practice what they get in college,” said Rifat. He also added a message for his study program, “For LIS study programs, I hope that study programs can always be a home for student friends too,” Rifat added.

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