The Library and Information Science Study Program visited the Baca Di Tebet Library.

The Library and Information Science Study Program visited the Reading Library in Tebet on Friday (01/09/2023). This visit aims to stay in touch and find out about the various services available. Baca Di Tebet is a public library built by Kanti W. Janis and Wien Muldian as a consumerist public space in Jakarta. Reporting from, Baca Di Tebet Library is a physical space that offers the process of reading conventional collections amidst the rise of virtual spaces and digital collections. There are 26,000 collections that can be utilized by visitors.

Apart from the collection and reading room, Baca Di Tebet Library provides other rooms visitors can use: The Discussion Room, Roy B.B Janis Meeting Room, Reading Room, Thinking Room, and Work Room. Apart from reading, visitors are allowed to eat and drink in the Roy B.B Janis Meeting Room. To take advantage of the services and collections at the Baca Di Tebet Library, visitors can directly visit this library at Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No. 29, Tebet, South Jakarta, by paying Rp. 35,000/day. For further information, Greners can visit the Baca Di Tebet website at

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