The Scientific Oration of 63rd Dies Natalis Faculty of Communication Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran.

The Faculty of Communication Sciences of Universitas Padjadjaran held the Scientific Oration as the main event of the 63rd Dies Natalis of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of Universitas Padjadjaran on Monday (18/09/2023) at the Fikom Unpad Graduate Auditorium. Two speakers at this event were Dr. Edwin Rizal, M.Si., lecturer at Library and Information Science Study Program, Fikom Unpad, and Dr. Herlina Agustin, MT., lecturer at Journalism Study Program, Fikom Unpad. The event was attended by Deputy Rector of Resources and Finance, Dean, Deputy Dean 1 and Deputy Dean 2, Manager, Chairman of the Senate, Grand Master, Head of Department, Head of Prodi, Education Management, Students and Civic Academics Fikom Unpad.

Mr. Edwin stated that disaster literature is the ability of individuals, communities, or communities to understand, recognize, manage, and respond to the risks and impacts of natural disasters or disaster-related incidents. Furthermore, he stated seven keys to disaster literacy: understanding of disasters, risks, preparedness, decision-making, effective communication, community participation, and sustainability education. Next, several efforts can be made as a strategy for strengthening literacy: (1) Education and training regularly to the community, (2) Social disaster mitigation campaigns through social media, radio, television, and newspapers, (3) Community involvement in each stage of disaster mitigation, (4) Developing response technology emergency, and (5) Collaborating between government sectors, academic groups, and the community.

In addition, social media as a communication medium strengthening literacy is essential to use as a medium for information dissemination, a means of building early awareness, education, and disaster information, emergency communication, and as a means of sharing experiences. At the end of his speech, Mr. Edwin concluded that disaster literature is one of the prerequisites for creating a disaster-resilient society by strengthening literacy through activities such as education and communication media and is an essential strategy for Indonesian people living in high-potential disaster locations.

Next, Mrs. Herlina, in her report on the “Environmental Communication Development Spectrum in Indonesia,” stated that communication science plays a role in environmental preservation. Communication science Environmental spectrum can be categorized into several spectrums, namely (1) Climate Change, (2) Waste, (3) Water, (5) Plants and Wildlife, (6) Environmentally Friendly Buildings and Cities, (7) Natural Spaces, (8) National Parks and Parks, (9) Antichrist and ecotourism,  (10) Tourism and ecotourism, (11) Genetic Engineering and Biohazard, (12) Space, (13) Pollution, and (14) Natural Disasters. Mrs. Herlina stated there is an opportunity for communication science to discuss the spectrum of the environment. Research on the implementation of mitigation and adaptation of natural disasters from the perspective of communication in general and environmental communication has begun to be of great interest to communication researchers as natural disasters have a direct and widespread impact on our society. At the end of the word, Mrs. Herlina expressed her hope that the development of environmental communication in the future will receive more attention from the public.

At the 63rd Dies Natalis Event, a memorandum of understanding was held between Fikom Unpad and various institutions, namely PT. Gondowangi, the Center for Agricultural Literacy and Library, and The Jakarta Post. In addition, this was also enlivened by FIKOM ANUGERAH for the Fikom Unpad Academic Civitas as a form of Fikom Unpad appreciation for various achievements achieved by Fikom Unpad Academic Civitas. There are several categories: The Scopus-Indexed International Journal Article Writing Lecturer or Web of Science, The Mass Media Writing Lecturer, The 2023 Book Writing Lecturer, and the additional categories, the Winners in the Unpad Bergerak.

Information Science and Library Professor Fikom Unpad published several books from September 2022 to September 2023. Ms. Rizki Nurislaminingsih, S.Sos., MA, published two books titled “Design Thinking Institution of Cultural Heritage” and “Management of Cultural Heritage Institution.” Yunus Winoto, M.Pd, published a book entitled “Development of Library Collection: Theory and Practice.” The 63rd Dies Natalis Fikom Unpad event ended with the division of door prizes for academic civic and the screening of congratulations and hope of alumni for the Faculty of Communications Sciences of Universitas Padjadjaran.

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