Library and Information Science Study Program lecturer became a speaker at the talk show, “Smart Mother: Women Empowering in the Digital Age,” on Monday, July 24, 2023, at SNF SKB Sumedang. At the event, Nuning Kurniasih, S.Sos., M. Hum, gave a speech about “Be Wise with Social Media.” In addition, there were two other speakers who each brought different material: Mimin Rusmiati, S.Pd., M.M.Pd, giving a speech about “Parenting, the importance of Literacy in the Family and Society” and Rini Yulia Nuraeni, S.ST, gave a speech about “Adolescent Reproductive Health and its Problems in Stunting Prevention Efforts.”

Submission of speaker certificate

This event was organized by the Sumedang Regency Taman Bacaan Masyarakat Forum in collaboration with Smartfren, the Library and Information Science Study Program, and Mazaya Cleaning Solutions. This event aims to be a forum for digital literacy education for women. Hopefully, the participants participating in this event will understand the importance of literacy, especially digital literacy, and create a society that likes to read. Mr. Rohman Gumilar from TBM Bina Kreasi Muda, the Chief Organizer of this event, said he hoped this activity could be held in all corners of Sumedang so the information and knowledge related to digital literacy could be widely disseminated. She also added the importance of the event to make women more empowered, intelligent, creative, and digitally proficient. “The event is very positive, and we hope it will be held thoroughly in every corner of Sumedang so that information about literacy can be widely disseminated. Hopefully, this event can make women more empowered, intelligent, creative, and digitally proficient,” said Mr. Rohman.

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