Asep and Riski, finalists for the Sumedang Regency Reading Ambassador Selection 2023

Library and Information Science Study Program students Asep Zainal Abidin and Riski Susilawati (Class of 2021) were finalists for the Sumedang Regency Reading Ambassador Selection 2023, held by the Reading Ambassador Association Sumedang Regency under the Dinas Arsip dan Perpustakaan Sumedang Regency. Asep and Riski participated in competitions starting from the Registration, Administration Selection, Debriefing, and Interview stages to the Grand Final on February 28, 2023. Riski entered as the top 21 in this election, and Asep passed to the top 6 and won the 3rd Runner Up.

Asep and Riski explained their reasons for participating in the Sumedang Regency Reading Ambassador Selection 2023. The desire to gain experience, contribute, and channel their interest in literacy is why they participate in the event. Apart from that, Asep said that support from the closest people and lecturers also encouraged him to participate in the event. Meanwhile, Riski said another reason for participating was to hone her skills and build relationships.

They shared their experiences too, when participating in the competition. Riski said that she felt tense but also excited about this competition. Still, she encouraged herself because she brought an excellent personal name, the Jatinangor District she represented, the Library and Information Science study program, and Universitas Padjadjaran. Likewise, Asep, excited to participate in the competition, could channel his interest in literacy and add to his experience by meeting other participants interested in the same field.

They also conveyed messages to Library and Information Science study program students to have the courage to try, prepare all the requirements, and not be ashamed to ask friends, seniors, or lecturers. “Don’t be afraid to try. For friends who wish to participate in the election of reading ambassadors in their respective regions, please be enthusiastic about preparing because many things need to be prepared,” Riski said. “Don’t be shy when you need help from a lecturer or senior because surely they will be happy to help. And for friends who maybe next year want to join too, you can calm down from starting having more literacy-related experiences and never get bored reading and writing,” Asep added. (TN)

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