Library and Information Sciences Study Program Fikom Unpad Attended the RDPU Panja PLTP DPR RI X Commission

The Library and Information Science Study Program attended the Public Hearing Meeting or Rapat Dengar Pendapat Umum (RDPU) with the Panja Peningkatan Literasi dan Tenaga Perpustakaan (PLTP) of the DPR RI X Commission on Tuesday (20/06/2023) at the DPR RI Meeting Room in Jakarta. In this RDPU, DPR RI X Commission intends to obtain suggestions and opinions.

The discussion was started by the Head of the Meeting, Dr. H. Abdul Fikri Faqih, MM., who continued the exposure of speakers from the Library Science and Information Science Study Program of Universitas Indonesia, Library and Information Science Study Program of Universitas Padjadjaran, and the Library and Information Science Study Program of Universitas Diponegoro, as well as a speaker of the Satgas Penyusunas Peta Jalan Penguatan Literasi Kemenko PMK.

Representative RDPU participants from the Library and Information Science Study Program Fikom Unpad are (1) Dr. Ute Lies Siti Khadijah, M. Si., (2) Asep Saeful Rohman, S.Sos., M.I.Kom., (3) Andri Yanto, S.Sos. M.I.Kom., dan (4) Dr. Elnovani Lusiana, S.Sos., M.Si. The RDPU was declared a quorum because 16 Legislative Members attended it from 31 Panja PLTP DPR RI X Commission members.

These RDPU discuss several key issues: (1) Opportunities and Challenges for Literature and Library Manpower in Indonesia; (2) College Support for Literacy Improvement; 3) Map of Needs and Absorption of Graduates of Library Science; and (4) Inputs and Recommendations for Policy for Literature Improvement and Literature Library.

The Explanation of PLPT Opinion by Asep Saeful Rohman, S.Sos., M.I.Kom.

Library and Information Science Study Program Fikom Unpad provided suggestions in this RDPU.

  1. As responsible for literacy and library affairs, the government may be able to optimize the implementation of existing policies/regulations to increase library literacy and manpower resources, especially librarians. Including synergizing various regulations related to information literacy, such as the OJK Law, Health Law, and Cultural Advancement Law.
  2. The government (President and DPR) needs to consider a policy revision in the library, education, and other sectors interested in improving community literacy because existing regulations are not mentioned or have not been directly regulated about literacy and improvement efforts.
  3. Regarding library competency in UU 43/2007, adjusting to the current technical regulations regulating JF Librarians and JF Assistant Libraries is possible. Considering that this profession has a strategic task, function, and role in improving community literacy, in addition to the profession of teachers and lecturers. A revision to UU 43/2007 on Libraries is required.
  4. In the Permendiknas, 25/2008, revising school library personnel’s standards (qualifications) is possible. It is necessary to adjust to the Permendikbud 6/2019 regarding recognizing the Librarian’s Functional nomenclature in Schools.
  5. The central government and local governments must commit to gradually absorbing library and information science graduates and library vocational education graduates to meet the needs of professional library managers in accordance with national standards so that libraries can function as they should and contribute to improving community literacy.

One of the representatives Unpad, Asep Saeful Rohman, emphasized the importance of school libraries as an important element in efforts to improve literacy in schools. The measurement of literacy numbers emphasizes the importance of literacy mastery and reading ability among students. To achieve that, the role of school libraries and school library manpower becomes very strategic to increase literacy for all school residents, especially students.

Based on the suggestions and explanations submitted by all speakers, the Head of Peningkatan Literasi dan Tenaga Perpustakaan (PLTP) DPR RI X Commission has viewed it as follows.

  1. Encourage coordination, synergy, and collaboration of the government (between ministries/agencies), the Education, Industry, and Community Agencies so that there is an emphasis on the policy of literacy programs and librarian personnel;
  2. The need for character strengthening and the need for assessment methods tailored to the conditions in Indonesia;
  3. Encourage the need for a Literacy Law;
  4. Encourage the government to make literacy a priority program;
  5. Encourage the addition of the National Library of Indonesia budget to implement programs to increase literacy and manpower of libraries and school libraries;
  6. Encourage the government’s serious attention to librarian welfare by providing librarians with PPPK formation, career level, and scholarship support.

Substantially, the suggestions and explanations of all RDPU speakers will be an important reference in preparing recommendations for the Working Committee of PLTP DPR RI X Commission to the government. This RDPU is expected to become an integral part of efforts to improve the literacy of Indonesian people, one of which is through the role of libraries and strengthening library manpower.

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