On Saturday, August 6 2022, The Executor School held its sequence event again. The event on the second day of the Executor School discussed the topic of “Team Management,” which was presented by Oktavianus Bima Archa Wibowo. He is Head of the KPSDM BEM Fikom Unpad Study Program 2021.

Oktavianus opened the presentations by explaining the definition of team management. Then he continued by describing the characteristics of a team. How to build a team, the pattern and composition of a good team, and also explained the type of leadership in a team. Before closing the presentation session, Oktavianus said, “Management is doing the right things, leadership is doing the right things,” said Oktavianus.

The events were entirely held through the Zoom Meeting and ran very well. The great enthusiasm of the participants had shown by the curiosity of the participants who actively asked questions. After the question-and-answer session, this second sequence event was closed with a group photo session.

The Executor School 2022 will continue until August 14, 2022, with appealing topics around the leadership world, and of course, there will be speakers who are no less extraordinary. Keep following the Executor School 2022 series via Himakas social media, Greeners! For Greeners who had no opportunities to participate in the Executor School this year, we will wait for you at the Executor School in the coming year with a more appealing series and themes. Therefore, keep looking forward to the Executor School again next year!

This activity is a Tridharma activity carried out in line with the strategic planning of the university, faculty and in line with the applicable curriculum in the library and information science study program.

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