The idea of “The Need for Job Vacancy Information for the Blind,” Library and Information Science Study Program Students, Fikom Unpad, won 1st Place at PEKOM UI

The EAA Team, Students of the Library and Information Science Study Program, Fikom, Unpad, won 1st place in the Media Matters competition branch at the Pekan Komunikasi University of Indonesia. The final of this competition takes place on 11-13 May 2023. The team includes Alfina Maharani, Andi Kamila Ariani, and Eza Alya.

The EAA team presented their scientific research regarding the discrepancy in media use among blind people seeking job vacancy information. The government, through legislation, has provided rules that the industry must accept blind people at work. However, access to information on job vacancies is still minimally accepted by blind people. For example, websites about job vacancies are not yet friendly for blind people. For this reason, “People with visual impairments have the right to express and communicate, including the right to freedom of expression and opinion and to obtain information through easily accessible media,” said the three students.

The idea of the need for information on job vacancies for people with visual impairments originates from the existence of a media gap for people with disabilities. The success of this team was supported by the diversity of data generated from literature studies, Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with the Indonesian Blind Association in the Bandung Regency area, and collaborative guidance between supervisors from the Library and Information Science Study Program and Communication Science Study Program, including Evi Nursanti Rukmana, S.Sos., M.I.Kom, Preciosa Alnashava Janitra, S.I.Kom., M.Si., and Kusnandar, S.Sos., M.Si.

The Media Matters competition branch, Pekan Komunikasi of University of Indonesia, has occurred since March and ended in May 2023. In addition to making proposals, research, final reports, and presentations, finalists also participate in public discussions discussing issues of marginalized groups, workshops in developing research, and company visits to the Jakarta Post.

Andi Kamila Ariani, a member of the EAA Team, said that participating in Pekan Komunikasi of UI became a media to try and find out how far her capabilities were. She challenged herself to participate and did not want to regret if she missed the opportunity to compete in the competitions. After going through various stages and researching, he and his team won the Media Matters competition branch. Andi was still surprised that she and her team could win because participating in this national-level competition was difficult, so he was delighted and grateful. “Still surprised because we are already grateful no matter what place we win. Even being in the top 3 is extraordinary, and it’s not easy to get. It was the first time the three of us took part in a national-scale competition, as well as one of the biggest communication competitions in Indonesia. So I’m grateful to be the winner of the 2023 Pekom UI Media Matters competition branch,” Andi said. She also hoped the research they carried out could be further developed in the following research.

Documentation of PEKOM UI

The EAA team continues to hone their sensitivity in seeing phenomena in society. The three of them, through this competition, have gained experience in researching, collaborating, and getting to know students between universities. “It is time for friends with disabilities, especially blind people, to no longer be seen as objects to be pitied in the media. But someone who accesses information in the media, like humans in general. To provide space and contribute to society jointly,” they added. (Evi Nursanti Rukmana).

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